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I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am now panicing because I think I have been calculating all our holiday pay incorrectly!! xD


Are we entitled to 24 days holiday pay or 18 as we work term time only? I have been working it out as 24!! :o


Has anyone got a formula for working it out? :(


HELP!!!! :(

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acas tell me that you take the number of days you work x 4.8 then dividede the answer by 12 (months of the year) then x 9 which is the months you actually work which means

if you work 5 full days


5x4.8= 24




2x9=18 days

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that link is calculating holiday for staff that work 52 weeks a year. but it does not take into considerstion that we work only 39 of thos 52 weeks so our holiday should be calculated over 9 months which is what we work for all pay is spread over 12

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found this in the PSLA under 5 magazine for november 2008. This is the example they give, I used this and just changed the number of hours worked each week for my staff.


If a worker works 15 hours a week (A) for 38 weeks of the year ( B ) they work a total of 570 hours a week ( C ) or 11.88 hours a week (D) over 48 weeks 0f the year. The holiday entitlement is 5.6 weeks x 11.88 hours a week = 66 hours holiday pay.


A x B =C

15 x 38 =570


C divided by 48 = D

570 DB 48 = 11.88


5.6 x D = holiday entitlement per year in hours

5.6 x 11.88 = 66


we then took the entitlement and divided by 12 (months) then x by houly rate to know how much we would be paid each month for your holiday pay. Yours is all accured over the year and paid in a lump sum in august.


Very much needed by then with children at home for the holidays :o

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