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No, they dont have to but it may tell you that they have some incomplete assessments if they dont.


Your LEA may offer different guidance that children should have the first 3 points before they attain more and in most cases they will do so so you need to consider carefully what you are assessing.

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The updated version of eprofile is now called eyeprofile and it won't allow you to give a point 4 unless 1-3 have been achieved. Hope this helps!

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I think this is because of the NAA's much tougher stance on this. "Attainment of any early learning goals (scale points 4–8) must

include an assessment of scale points 1–3 as these are developmental steps leading to the attainment of scale points 4–8." - page 5 of EYFSP handbook.

Also on page 6 the table which shows how the scale points are calculated states :

"Scale points


A child can attain up to five scale points in this grouping.

For each scale point achieved, 1 is added to the base score of 3

(carried over from scale points 1–3 above) to give a total score.

For example, if a child attained scale point 4, scale point 6 and scale

point 8 on a particular scale, he or she would add 3 to their base score

of 3 to create a total score of 6. "

Therefore a child must have achieved scale points 1-3 before moving on to 4. At our most recent moderator training we were told quite categorically that the National Assessment Agency message is children can not achieve a 4 unless they have achieved points 1-3 and we were to pass this message on loud and clear to all schools.

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In eyeProfile v3 If you want to give point 4 - 8 but not a point 1-3 you have to contact your LA moderation manager who will have to contact the named QCA EYFSP programme manager to get the code to let you do it. As said above this is to ensure you are looking at the EYFSP developmentally as well as numerically. They are insisting that the incidences of children not being secure in the pre ELGs whilst simultaneously attaining in the elgs is very rare and would usually be for children with very specific difficulties in a particular area/aspect.


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So how does this affect those of us still using paper profiles because we can't use the electronic version? :o




I still use the paper version as well as the eletronic version - call me old but I do like to write comments in the boxes to remind me of those points I still need confirmation on - BUT - even the old profile paper states that children need to gain points 1 -3 before points 4- 8 which may be gained in any order - hope this helps


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