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HHappy New Year to everyone!


I just ned some help- i took over as the reception co-ordiantor in september. we have a finding out table, where we get children to find things out or lok at books, investigate etc. the childrn were all really intersted in mini-beasts so made our own mini-beast area with lots of minibeasts and magnifying glasses, sorting hoops, paper, pencil etc- the children loved this and explored the area well. we also did about light and dark- had the airers out ans drapes- children could go under the table and build a den- nhad reflectives and touches etc- the children also loved this. The problem is everything else we have had out th children have not been the least bit intersted in and so the area is not being used.


I wondered if everyone else has a finding out table and what sort of things they have on it! i have that area as we used to have it so i have jus carried it on, but it has never been used to its potential!


i ws thinking of asking the children what they would like on the table each week to find out about? what do you think?

i am beginning to think that the area is wasted and could well be used for something else!? what do you think?


any help ???

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The Little Book of Investigations by Featherstone/ A&C Black or Amazon might give you some ideas.


This sort of thing in isolation is often ignored as it has no meaning for the children, it may be that you could rotate this sort of provision to stimulate interest.

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