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Can anyone in a Day Nursery give me ideas on how you manage to ensure children have their own sheets, flannels and bedding.


What do you use for sleep mats? Do you provide clean sheets every day for children or do they use the same one all week for when they are in nursery?


I just wanted to check that I am understanding and providing the right requirements under the EYFS and of course providing the best for the children.



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each child has their own bedding which is kept in a book bag (the plastic ones we get them from gls) labeled with that childs name it is washed weekly for pt children and twice weekly for ft children.

the bedding is only used for that child and always stored in the bags after washing or when not in use.

The children each have sleep mats which are cleaned daily after use'

The children dont have their own flannels we have a large supply of them and after each single use they are washed.

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Our parents send in a clean sheet on a monday which stays on the beds and stacked in the sleep room, it is then sent home on a friday, unless there is a accident then its sent home on that day to be washed.

blankets are kept and sent home at the end of term to be washed.

we actually use wipes at present, although that may not stay that way for long, due to the expence!

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Ours depends on the age of the child..the babies each have their own basket where their sheet and blanket is kept for a week and then washed on the last day they attend...

Whereas the toddlers sheets and blankets are washed each day :o

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