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Planning For Quality In The Eys - Cd Rom


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Am starting a new job next term & have just been handed this pack 'planning for quality in the Early Years'.

I know nothing about it & wondered if anyone out there knows anything (apparently it has been long awaited for this the county where I am to work, but I have just moved across the country & have never heard of it!!)

I want to try & look as though I know something in the new school, if you know what I mean!!

Any help gratefully received!



C :o

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Found it...




It looks good, I've just ordered a copy! It states that it is a pack of supplementary material and advice to help you implement the EYFS - maybe your new employer thinks it will be useful to you when setting up your observation, assessment and planning systems in your new role? Early Education resources are usually of very high quality so hopefully you'll find the pack useful!

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...and I enter into the great EYFSF twilight zone again! Just got my pack from Early Education about next year's training etc and saw a leaflet on this. Am going to order it too Wolfie - looks very interesting indeed.


Will be interested to share opinions/views once we've all seen it!



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