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Hi Everyone!!


This is my first time on the forum so I am not really sure how it works!!


I currently work in the pre-school room at a day nursery. We have been discussing how we can make the funded sessions more flexible.


At present we have funded session from 9am - 12pm mon - fri and 1pm - 4pm mon - wed.


What do other settings offer??


all ideas and thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!





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Hi Puja, welcome to the forum


I'm Preschool and we have a ten session week, two and a half hour sessions morning and afternoon with a lunch hour available. Children can stay all day if they want to, or come in the morning and stay till after lunch or come and have lunch and stay for the afternoon, or of course, just have the two and a half hour session if that's what is wanted.

Funded sessions are therefore any of the ten sessions, up to the maximum of five a week.


Is this any help?

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Hello and welcome!!


Our nursery is LA funded in the morning and then private in the afternoons.

Parents generally choose mornings or afternoon sessions to send their children to us.


We are open 9 - 3 but do have breakfast club and afterschool available to top up these hours.


The nursery sessions are 3 hours long each, but the last half an hour of the morning, and the first half an hour of the afternoon is lunch time. (11.30 - 12.30)


Children can stay for just their funded 3 hours with a packed lunch or do two and a half hours and go home for lunch.

Some pay £1 and stay for the whole hour for lunch time.

Other children stay all day.


We involved lunch as part of our 3 hour entitlement so that we could still finish in line with the main school.


Also instilling good manners and eating habits are started in nursery rather than reception class when they go to the big hall for lunch.


Any of this help?


I know other nurseries took the 15 hour entitlement and make it flexible for parents to have the hours over 3 days, but this works for us and has been since Sep 07 when all the changes took place.

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Hi and welcome to the forum! xD


I know that the forum can be very confusing at first but hopefully you'll start to find your way round soon. :( I'm going to move your topic for you into the 'Nursery' part of the forum where you may get more replies. :o

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hi everyone!!


thanks for the welcome and replies!!


ive got to rinf work 2day with some ideas.....there was a little bit of concern in including the breakfast hour and lunch hour in the funded sessions....but i think they could be included as they are allowing the children to 'learn' manners etc.


i am thinking of suggesting that we allow paretns to choose how they make up their 15 hours by extending our 3+ sessions to run all day i.e. from 8.30 - 5.30 but that would mean a 3+ member of staff staying til 5.30 and any children under 3 would join with us for tea!!!


thanks for all your help"!



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