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Help! I need some inspiration.


Can anyone think of any Christmas or winter number rhymes which I could use with my reception class. Other than 'The Twelve Days of Christmas', I'm stuck!



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Who was in that stable

That Christmas first of all?


Jesus, mother Mary and

Joseph standing tall.


Then there were 2 shepherds

And 2 more –

To make it 10, 3 Wise men

Came knocking at the door!

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5 Christmas puddings in a bakers shop.. or mince pies.. or.....


others are at work.. I know we have some.. will check tomorrow..



5 jolly snowmen fat

each with a funny hat

out came the sun and melted one (aah)

what do you think of that?

down down down ( snowman melts down)


I have 5 children dressed as snowmen with funny hats and one dressed as the sun

As the sun rises behind each snowman he/she melts down


4 jolly snowmen fat etc. etc.


You can also do a bit of K&U with ice blocks in the water tray to observe melting

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5 little robins sitting in a row

1 said cheep cheep i must go

1 little 2 little 3 little 4 little 5 little robins oh



5 little snowmen ready to play

ready to play ready to play

out came the sun to brighten the day

1 little snowman melted away

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Ten little Christmas angels


10 little Christmas angels

Flying in a line,

One waits to rest her tired wings

That leaves only 9.


9 little Christmas angels

They cannot be late,

One has to quickly shine the stars

That leaves only 8.


8 little Christmas angels

Flying down from heaven,

One stops to play her harp

That leaves only 7.


7 little Christmas angels

With lot of presents and gifts,

One has to tie another bow

That leaves only 6.



6 little Christmas angels

Go skating when they arrive,

One wants to build a snowman

That leaves only 5


5 little Christmas angels

Sing carols at the door,

One goes to sing to the animals

That leaves only 4


4 little Christmas angels

Light the Christmas tree,

One stays to watch the children play

That leaves only 3


3 little Christmas angels

Have toys for me and you,

One leaves a child a teddy bear

That leaves only 2.


2 little Christmas angels

Make paper chains for fun,

One hangs them on the Christmas tree

That leaves only one


1 little Christmas angel

Flies back to heaven again,

She calls for her friends to join her there

So once more there are 10

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I've no idea where this comes from and I've tried to find it on Google but no luck. If we had sound I'd sing it, the tune is very jolly. If anyone knows where it came from I'd love to know.


5 little Christmas bells are ringing

Ding dong ding-dong ding.

Tidings of great joy they’re bringing,

Ding dong ding-dong ding.


Then one little bell, said it wasn’t feeling well,

He thought it would be best, if he had a little rest.


4 little Christmas bells are ringing etc.


Last verse

1 little Christmas bell was ringing

Ding-dong ding-dong, ding,

Tidings of great joy I’m bringing

Ding-dong ding-dong, ding.


The other little bells said ‘Wait, I hope it’s not too late.

The rest has done us good. Let’s ring out as we should.’


So.. 5 little Christmas bells etc.

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