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Hi everyone, I just wanted to share the experience Im having at the moment.

I have been on my first teaching practice - which is not assessed and just a 'drop in the ocean' in the amount of work i will have when im teaching :o but...


Ive had a really lovely year 2 class with an excellent teacher, its the end of my 3weeks with them, b4 i go to Yr6 for next week! (scary).

Ive taught lots of literacy and numeracy as well as science and RE, ive done circle time and some DT. I had a tutor visit today and my class mentor was full of praise at how much iv learnt in 3weeks, it has been absolutley fantastic xD


But now im so sad to be leaving them full time, they have made me a massive card and all drawn a picture, and next week im going back to help with some craft.

So im sat eating the chocs i got from the teacher reflecting on all of the experiences I have encountered and how i have handled them, and overall i can say im quite pleased with myself!!! :(

Im normally quite negative on myself, so ive come a long way to be able to say that!! xx

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So glad you've had a good experience! The PGCE is hard work so it makes a great difference if you're having a good time in class and learning!

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