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It's All Over!


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Finally it's all over! What a difference 2 weeks make!


Two weeks ago I was still at school at this time frantically putting up displays and sorting paper work for Ofsted's visit the following Tuesday and Wednesday.

One week ago I was feeling very sorry for myself and sick! I had ended up with tonsillitis- too much work and no play! So I've been off the whole of this week, which is very wired! A whole week with my head teacher teaching my class! Wiredest thing was I was so ill I didn't care!

And now here I am, looking back over it all and thinking its a bit of a whirlwind and I can't remember it all happening! Anyway, two more days of rest and then back too it, looking forward to Christmas knowing I can have fun with my kids and enjoy the grading that Ofsted gave us (which hasn't quite sunk in yet- even a week and a half after they left!!).

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Congratulations on your Ofsted bethie and I'm so glad you're feeling much better.


Sounds like too much happening to you all at once and your body shut down for a while! Obviously you needed the rest - just take it easy now you're better and don't try to do too much all at once!


Have a good weekend


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Guest MaryEMac

Hope you are feeling a lot better, Bethie. only a few more weks til we break up for Christmas so take it easy. Congrats on the ofsted visit.



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