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HI all.


two months ago we introduced a star of the month scheme for staff. i thought i had it all orgainsed. however third month in and no star has been awarded, due to the nursery owner feeling that no one has been put forward as achiveing anything 'exceptional' to warrent receiving star of the month.


what we have been doing is having a staff file where each member of staff assumes responsability for it and other staff can make positive comments on slips which can be added to the staff file. some staff make the effort some can't be bothered.


I am thinking of abandoning the staff files and maybe just having a display board in the staff room where staff can add 'compliment stars' to it. this can be added whenever and there is no pressure. the staff can also read it whenever. staff can take there stars and keep them if they want otherwise they can be left on (kind of hoping it may be motivational).


then in terms of star of the month. i was thinking more of having a 'nomination' style slip that parents and staff could use to nominate a star of the month. the one with most nominations would be awarded star of the month. what do you all think of this idea?



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Hi again Dawn!


Our employee of the month is voted for by the staff. Nomination slips are given out to all staff and collected by their team leader to ensure everyone has contributed. They give the name of the person they are nominating and the reason why.

I then compile these, find out who the winner is and make them up a certificate which includes all the comments received on the nomination slips.


We also use a 'praise page' system where each member of staff has an A4 page in there room where comments are added by managers and staff, normally things like 'thanks for staying late yesterday, your commitment is really appreciated' ' i love the activity you planned yesterday' 'your display looks great'

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Hi Dawn


I think the system either needs to be decided by the nursery owners or by the staff, as LucyP described.


If staff are making nominations and the owners are ignoring them then why bother in the first place? It will soon wither on the vine so to speak.


I can also hear your unhappiness in your post (and in your other one about room budgets) - do you feel as if you've been sidetracked here?



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Thanks for your replies....


Maz, you hit the nail on the head! ~ i am feeling a little side tracked by the owners. I am of course all for giving the staff ownership etc (assuming its managed and organised properly, which i and other staff believe it is not) also i feel basically the owner is informing the staff of things without running them properly through me... I am not saying she needs my permission in any way to make decisions, but i think it is imperitive that i at least know what is going on. i don't know, i am one week back from holiday and probbaly feeling post holiday blues... plus its been a looooooong week, and i think im just getting myself a bit bogged down with nursery.


with regards t0o star of the month i agree totally with the comments. particularaily this one;


"If staff are making nominations and the owners are ignoring them then why bother in the first place? It will soon wither on the vine so to speak."


From speaking to two staff after the meeting they are now left feeling like what is the point in doing the comments if the owner has just slated them as 'not good enough'....


i feel for my staff because i feel right now they do not quite know who is their manager anymore, since owner is having large input in nursery. owner will not stand back a bit, depsite me expressing my feelings to her about staff being confused. and if she is walking around telling them one thing, that in the main goes against what i have previously told them the staff feel like ' who are we listening to' The manager (myself, unfortuntaly) feels like am i needed there if owner is just doing her own thing without discussing it with me.



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Do you have a staff appraisal coming up? I really think you need to raise your concerns with your employer, and explain that your role is not as clear as it could be, you're not sure what decisions you can make, etc. It doesn't have to be confrontational; you're just asking for clarity :o It's essential the staff see you two working together, not as separate entities.

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