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We have been allocated lots of hall time which might be very useful as our outdoor area is difficult to get to as we are in temporary accommodation at the moment!

Any ideas for useful cross-curricular activities that we can do?

We do the usual circle songs, parachute, small apparatus etc.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi, as we are based in a hall and have no outdoor area we do all of this in it....

Riding bikes

climbing frame

balancing frame

Chalk on the floor (but only white cos the others stain)

races, relays, whats the time Mr Wolf?, music and dance



obstacal courses

bear hunt and other stories that are usually told sitting down

We've also been known to cover the floor in sand and have a beach party (really good fun but huge potential for being severly repremanded by church caretaker) :o

Have fun :D

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Guest doohanok5

Like Rea, we don't have an outdoor area either. We often cover the floor in plastic sheeting an do HUGE group painting or junk modelling activities - great fun :D

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