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Hi, I am currently trying to address the 15 hours entitlement in our Lower Foundation Stage (part of primary school) I am stumped as to how to cope with it, as there doesn't seem to be any funding to pay staff to stay later or start earlier? Also the planning implications seem phenomenal! Can any one offer ideas please!! :o

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This is a big one!!!


We have been working to the 15 hour entitlement for a while now as our county tried it out!!!!


In nursery we managed really well and used the extra time to provide lunch club.


When we initially took it on we had to decide which model to use and we chose 3 hour sessions daily.


This cut out the worry of planning for someone in 2 and a half days a week!!!!!!!!!


However our local authority provision got shut down as part of the review, and we opened up privately in the aternoons and so we offer 15 hours either mornings or afternoons and then the children pay for any further hours they want to take up.

Essentially meaning morning children can stay all day!!!


The extra half hour on each session is for lunch club which is free (they bring own lunch) and they don't HAVE to take it up.


They can pay £1 to syat for an hour at lunchtime too.


Hope this is of some help.


I better go get ready for work now sorry!!!


Feel free to ask if I can help some more.


Oh and yes I don't think there is funding for the extra session time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We are starting earlier and working later and having shorter lunch breaks and not being paid extra.

We are working 8.45 -11.45 and 12.30-3.30. Parents can choose any combination of sessions to a total of 15hrs free so some children attend two and a half days and pay for care and lunch in the Children's Centre.

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We are still within our directed time but SLT meetings could become an issue as both myself and the nursery teacher are SLT. I have my doubts about the Nursery Nurse being expected to work this extra time and the TA covering my NNs maternity leave has a different contract so I think she is probably working longer than she should.


It means FSU staff work 5 hours a week longer than other staff in the school

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