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Hi Marion


Firstly, I'd like to say that they're very lucky to have you as their mentor: you're always so knowledgeable and your posts are always thought provoking - I'm sure you'll be a fab mentor! :o


Probably each college/uni has their own ideas about what mentors do but our Foundation Degree mentors met with us every couple of weeks or so to discuss issues surrounding work or study, and acted as a 'critical friend' to help us reflect on practice and identify areas for improvement. We had regular guided professional discussions which we as students had to prepare for so that we could discuss the issues surrounding a pre-set topic. These were assessed by our mentors and these marks contributed towards our overall grades.


They were obviously on hand for support and advice, but really their primary focus was to encourage us to look deeper, and think more widely about our learning and how that could impact on our practice.


I'm sure there will be some really helpful advice from a mentor rather than a student though!



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when I was mentor for FD student we had guidelines and regular meetings with the tutors with help where needed, think it must depend on Uni as to what is required..


I had to do the regular meetings with her and someone to discuss issues with , email contact was helpful for her, and also had to do an observation of an area of her practice which we were given, and assess ability, say pass or fail and give feedback to student and college we were based from.




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I don't know what the 'mentor' role entails specifically, but I'd bet you'll be very good at it. xD:(


I would think one main skill would be to enable the person to think for themselves, and to think 'out the box' sometimes. :o



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