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I am a Nursery teacher and it is that dreaded settling in time at the

moment. I have just been told that our head will be observing all teachers fairly

soon. At that particular time i will be exploring the science box 'How things work'.

Although i have the set questions in my mind i'm getting a little anxious because it

is the first time i have taught at the beginning of Nursery year. So i am aware that i

need to keep things a little simple yet challenging as well!

Can anyone suggest how i might tackle the dreaded hour, or any suggestions on

questions or items to put out.

Becoming more and more anxious by the day!!!! :o

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Hi Suk, I'd include something with cogs and wheels, a hand whisk, hand drill, butterfly type tin opener maybe, what happens if..? How does that go round..? Torches are easy, on and off. A tape recorder would be a challenge, press record, say something, press stop and rewind and then play. Will you have access to water? Water wheel, hand whisk with soap flakes, floating and sinking. What will this do..? Why did it sink/float..? Dont get anxious, you will do fine. :D

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