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Bit Of A Rant!


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Sorry but I just need to have a bit of a rant!! I have so far had 2 interviews with the NHS (but in different parts of the county) both for a community Nursery Nurse position. The feedback from the first one was that I interviewed really well and they would like to offer me a maternity cover position but that I lost out by 1 point to an internal candidate. (they never got back to me about that maternity position either!!) :o


I had an interview yesterday and have just got the feedback - again the position went to an internal candidate! Again they said I interviewed really well and that they would be happy to invest in my training (ie pay for it) but offered me a 'bank' contract!! xD with no guarentee of work.


In between those two interviews I went for a job in a school as a teachers support assistant and was told that again I interviewd well but I was over qualified for the posistion and that they thought I would be bored within 6 months! They did invite me to apply for another posistion working with childern with emotional and behavioural issues, but that the position wasnt coming up til the sping!!! aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Still, I cant give up hope, I have an interview next week, so fingers crossed for that one!


Thanks for listening!



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I have a feeling a lot of places advertise and interview purely because employment law says they have to but in reality they have often already decided who they want for the job.


Follow Beths advice, dont give up. Beth is the queen of perseverance so she knows! :oxD

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I feel for you Jenni. As Rea said, they probably had to advertise to comply with equal opportunities. It's such a shame, when candidates put so much time and emotional energy into interviewing, completing applications etc. At least you can feel reassured that it is not a reflection on your ability.


Keep going, something good will turn up just right for you.

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Hi Jenni

sorry to hear about your experiences

yeah I think its common practise to advertise jobs but fill them internally its a pain cause so many people waste their time applying for jobs that arent really available, it might be worth getting your name on the bank staff list its often the bank staff that grab the vacancies and thats how the jobs get filled internally if you cannt beat them join them! bank staffing is a a foot in the door and its all experience, if something else crops up your free to go for it


hope things work out for you in your job hunting

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