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I'm trying to think of something healthy to cook/make with the children.

I had previously though of "moon rocks" chocolate cornflake cakes but not very healthy!


So now I'm thinking, based on the story "Whatever next!" maybe making a sandwich or something, for Baby Bear to take to the moon with him?


But I was just wondering if anyone had any other ideas?



Mrs Weasley :o

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We've made rock cakes, some with red food colouring in for mars, and the children have then sold what they made to parents on collection.

The charlie & lola book gives you some ideas too, moon squirters etc; bread rolls to look like planets; star shaped cheese biscuits.

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You could get some star cutters and cut out the sandwiches.


Make moon biscuits


Set Jelly in orange rind as 'moons'


Thread pieces of sliced carrot, radishes, cucumber onto a skewer and then top with baby corn and a triangle of carrot or cucumber for a rocket

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Sorry i can only think of using star shaped cutters to make biscuits or star shaped sandwiches x


We sing a song called Zoom, zoom zoom not sure if youve heard of it, maybe you could make a packed lunch to take to the moon with you!!


It goes...

Zoom zoom zoom were going to the moon,

zoom zoom zoom we will be there very soon,

5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF !!!


You could extend it by asking the children who lives on the moon? or how we will survive on the moon?

the list is endless....Hope this helps a little x

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