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Window Displays/painting Windows!


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We have 4 rather large windows at our Pre-school and they need re-vamping for our new topic 'Winter Wonderland'....Other than frosted snowflakes i am running low on ideas! I wonder if anyone on here could suggest some fairly easy, simple, but effective ways of doing this! Ideally it needs to be done in one day !!




Jellytots x

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My favourite window decoration is to get a large sheet of plastic, cover it in PVA glue and then stick tissue paper on top. Littlies can tear the paper into small pieces but the older ones might like to make a scene of some sort. But the best effects come from when the tissue paper overlaps and colours merge. The idea is not to make it 3D (so no encouraging them to scrunch up the tissue paper, Wolfie! :o ), but to lay the tissue paper flat into the glue. If you want to (and since its Christmas) you can add glitter to make it nice and sparkly.


Once the surface is covered, it needs to be allowed to dry flat. Once the PVA is dry you can carefully remove it from the plastic and then you should have a 'picture' to hang up in your window.


Because its made of tissue paper it won't last forever but when the light shines through the window (even daylight) the colours are so beautiful!


I just wish we could do something similar in my setting.. xD



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