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Interview And Prese Please


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Hi all

Would like to pick your brains. I have an interview next Monday for Foundation consultant job in CC. I am currently a teacher in a CC in a different authority.

Have been asked to do a presentation on what I see will be the three most significant challanges in relation to the EYFS.

I love my job now, but it's part time, hence applying for new job, but I'm struggling to think of challenges - possibly because I love the job so much.

Any ideas anyone???


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As a future consultant, you will be working with a large number of PVI settings, who will have any number of challenges! My initial response (apart from funding issues!) are how settings will manage their multiagency approaches, including liaising with other settings who share the same children, liasing and sharing records with childminders who collect children from their settings, etc.


A second challenge is how to collect enough evidence of children's achievements to help with planning and to reflect their development accurately but not to overwhelm staff or detract from their primary purpose of working with children.


A third one might be how to provide adequate outside facilities, particularly in some settings with no access themselves.


Good luck with the interview: I'm sure other members will be along with their ideas of the challenges ahead :o

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Supersal29: have you seen this publication "Early Years Consultant's Handbook"? I haven't had chance to read it all but it looks interesting: states why we need consultants in early years and what their job function is. Looks quite detailed and if it only gives you pause for thought then it will be worth downloading!



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