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Calling all you Techsperts out there


I have a real player sound file that I want to put onto my Power point. When i do the usual insert sound from files palava it won't let me do it. A message comes up saying Powerpoint couldn't insert a sound file from the selected file. :o

I've inserted sound lots of times before but they have always been as WAV files.

Has anyone got any ideas how to convert my music clip into something accessible for my power point?

heres hoping someone can teach me xD


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Im not completely sure about this but I think you need to insert your file as an object....go to insert...object and then scroll down the list to your realplayer. Select 'create new' and OK, and then 'insert clip' If the kind of file you want to insert isnt listed, then I think you will have to covert as Androyd suggested.


I have certainly done this to insert a track from a CD so its worth a try??


Jenny K

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