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I was gutted as I had a terrible night's sleep. I woke up at what was 3am (new time) unable to breathe because of my horrid cold. I had a drink and then managed to get another 2.5 horus then woke up again. That was it, wide awake at 6am. I would have loved that bit of extra time but I think it was bad cold, cough and not being in my own bed (we're at the inlaws all weekend).

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It will take at least a week to get my daughters body clock to sort itself out!! xD:o


I'm assuming that your daughter is quite young?? The clocks going back isn't an advantage at all when they're little is it - you feel cheated because you don't get that extra hour and then..as you say...it takes about a week to get them into the new routine! I seem to remember that the clocks going FORWARD was much easier!

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