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I 'm a nursery teacher co-ordinating the foundation stage in our First School. My vision is to set up one "unit" (can anyone think of a better word?) so that nursery and reception share accomodation, resources, staff and experiences. Is anyone working in this way? I do hope so, because I need to pick some brains! (This is my first time on any forum, I hope this message has reached the right place!)


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Hi Choccyholic -

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting an introduction/question so quickly - and thanks for devising probably the best username I've come across :D


I know that people have discussed Foundation Stage Units (which I think is what you're talking about?) in the forums in the past - but I'm sure you're going to get more interest by posting it again. I'm going to take the liberty of moving your introduction into one of the other forums, since it's a direct question. I think it stands a better chance of being seen by some of the active members who might be able to help.


Welcome again, and thanks for introducing yourself. If you're at a loose end, perhaps you should start a Chocolate topic off in the Lounge forum :o


Regards, Steve.

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Hi Choccyholic.

I have lots of experience, good and bad of the units you mention. Personally I think they are great, I loved working that way, but dont at the moment.

Firat and foremots, give yourself time, ie I wouldnt try to start in September now -its too late. You need time to organise your resources, planning, timetables, philosophy, training (if needed).

Second most important, staffing. You must have your staff on board. If you cant sell the idea to the majority of staff, it just wont work. If everyone is on board, the enthusiasm is wonderful as everyone works towards the same goals and you laugh off the problems (and there will be many). this aslo means the Head, since at some point they will have to defend the idea to parents and also provide extra money.

Third, space. Is your room space actually arranged in a way that makes it feasible. If it needs money spending, is it available? There is a really good idea to get your adviser in if they are good. They should also be able to tell you if any other schools in the area have one that you can visit- talking face to face is much easier than reading about it.

Once you have got passed those things, you can get to the nitty gritty of organising what you want. Expect a lot of had work , a lot of mistakes and an evolving year, where your provision at the beginning of the year will differ fron that at the end. Any more questions, fire away, ther will be loads of good advice on here to get you going.


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