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Hi all,

Just been on a course about a pilot approach to assessing pupils on entry to Nursery. Not so sure if it's going to give a true picture of the child but will try it and see how it works.

Just thought I would share a couple of points from the course:

1. Assessments of children in the EYFS "should not be inappropriately linked to development matters but informed by development matters and look, listen and note. (read out from a letter from government sent to every LEA - the national strategy women can't remember her name Ruth P...?)

2. Practioners do NOT HAVE TO record day to day observations - practioners are allowed to store information in heads or anywhere else for that matter (again, guidelines from government)


3. (as pointed out before on forum) it is the process of the assessment not the product that is important.

4. EYFS inspection guidelines - there needs to be evidence of the 'value added' to learning (i.e. on entry data and end of year data)


I also feel more confident tonight as one of the ladies on the course said "I've learnt more from you sharing how you do each child's learning journey book (I had an example with me) and from seeing how you do your assessment and long observastions than I have from this course!" (or maybe the course was poor??). I've also got email addresses for 2 other ladies to send them my long observation forms!


Maybe I'm doing something right?



green hippo :o

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could you upload your forms on here, so we can all have a peep? I hope these positive messages go out to LAs too - especially those people who carry out the moderations at the end of the year. We get such mixed messages from all directions, secondary schools wouldn't stand for it!


In the summer I was told that too much of my evidence was 'from within my head' and therefore not very reliable!

As we are a FSU and I work with most children for nigh on 2 years as Nursery and Reception pupils, I felt rather insulted!


Let's hope this new information spreads quickly! Thanks for sharing, Jenni

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We had OFSTED in summer term as part of school inspection, and team was very keen to see data from entry so we could show value-added. We keep scrapbooks of evidence with photos and observations, but didn't have any numbers to show. Any suggestions?

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The approach we have been asked to pilot is to show value-added. What we have been asked to try out is to use the 'look, listen and note' section alongside the 'development matters' from the 22-36 months section and give children a point for each aspect they have achieved. So, for example, if children have achieved all aspects of PSED they would get 6 points. This assessment should be done within the first half-term.

My main problem with it is that children who come in much further on than the 22-36 month sections are given no extra credit for this - the most they can get is 1 point for each aspect from each area. This of course will show great value-added for those children who come in well above 22-36 months and then add more value but this then has implications for the reception classes as they may come out looking like they have added as much value?


Will attach my learning journey sheet - have based it on the one from the EYFS. The space at the botton right is for a photo if we have one!


green hippo


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