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We've just found out we're in line to receive a grant of up to £2,500 to replace and buy new equipment. I know there have been a few discussions in the past about what resources/equipment people would recommend but even though I've searched I can't find any! We know what we what to update/replace but just want ideas of possible new equipment, hopefully storage won't be an issue as we're also in line for a refurbishment grant for the church halls we use. Could anyone please let me know what their wish list includes or post a link to previous discussions please.



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previous discussion for community playthings blocks.. which lots want and always recommended..


for us it is really only a good revamp of evey thing which has now become dated and a bit shabby.. we are currently re vamping the home corner into a kind of apartment style with sofas , tables and chairs etc.. and the equipment in it which always seems to need something done to it.. where does it all go..?



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We spent ours on drawer units with wheels so we could provide continuous provision, a photo printer so keyworkers can print off their own photos, a couple of mats, a round table for our craft activities, community plaything blocks (they have been such a big hit) and a new dressing up trolley as the wheels had all fallen off our old one oh and some barriers to section off some of our play areas.


Happy spending - it's such good fun.

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On my current wishlist is a Community Playthings shelf unit which can be wheeled into place and then the casters can be locked up off the ground to make it stable. It has a back display board attached so we can use it as a self-selection shelf on one side and a display on the other. Fab.


Have a look here - the photo under the heading 'Display Shelving'. Its not cheap - about £500 plus VAT I think - but it is just what we need!


If only I could afford to buy more I'd have one in each area of my pre-school. Might need a cupboard extension though! :o



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We have just invested in some hollow blocks, very similar to CPT.


We also bought the best sand pit ever. It is 3m x 3m. It is brilliant, but I can't remember what company it is from.


On Letter and Sounds training today loads of people recommended these microphones for recording and playing back children's voices, narrations and ideas.


That is off the top of my head, I will think and come back!! :o

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Hi there,


we have just spent a large amount of £ on new things - I'd say the community playthings items are lovely but pricey - the water tray is huge and a smaller one or two would maybe be better than the big one we have.


As for other companies items, I'd stay away from the steps which are brightly coloured and all fit into each other - we have these and one set is cracked and they don't have any grip on when the kids wellies are wet!


Mindstretchers are a good company, so are www.mindware.co.uk and Bouncy Happy People for trampolines (we have the £300 little yellow one-great!!) and one stop education were great -

any help you need, please let me know and good luck x

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