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I Think I Am Overwhelmed.......


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Hello all.


Today I completed my third full day of the foundation degree course.


I am at Worcester 9 - 3.30 (ish)


I come home by train and then am at my local College by 5.30pm to lecture on the NVQ child care, learning and development course through until 9pm.


And today it all feels too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The up side is that the lecturing post was only until December, only 6 sessions to go but on top of all this new degree stuff I feel a little snowed under.


Our first 2 essays for the degree are to do with the value of play and the role of the adult in play an I am reading, and highlighting and worrying really!!!!!!!!!


Also there's the professional profile and the group work with reports and reflection etc and I don't know where to start.


Am sure all of this is a normal reaction for someone who left school in 1980, finished her NNEB in '82 and the biggest thing since then was a city and guilds teaching and assessing certificate that was finished way back in '97.


I didn't expect it to be easy but I truly feel overwhelmed currently.


What do you think out there folks?!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi Scarlettangel!


Don't panic, you're not alone!! There re lots of FD forums on here and lots of nervous people posting in them.


I started my FD this term too, and yes, it's scary and I've worried how I'm going to find the time (& skills!) to complete it BUT it's OK!


My tutors and course leader are great, really supportive and constantly reminding me to break the work down into little chunks and complete it bit-by-bit.


I completed and submitted my first assignment this weekend ( a week ahead of schedule!) and am anxiously awaiting feedback but if it's not exactly what is needed I'd rather know after 3 weeks so I can put it right and know for next time.


A friend gave me an excellent tip for when I'm feeling overwhelmed...



Think of the advice you would give to someone else stressing this way and

Follow your own advice!


De-personalizing it brings it back into perspective somehow :o


Good Luck



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I think it is quite natural that you're feeling ovewhelmed. I've been where you are and it can be difficult to fit everything in and juggle everything.


You only have six more lecturing sessions to go - things will ease off there because obviously it isn't only a matter of delivering the teaching sessions - you'll have the planning to do as well. So that will free up some time.


Have you thought of doing a study timetable so you can identify pockets of time that you can devote to your own studies as well as family time etc? We were advised to do it and looking back I think it would have been a great tool. As it was I just rushed headlong from one crisis to another: working through the night to meet assignment deadlines etc. Not a good plan!


If that sounds too organised for you, I would definitely recommend working out a schedule for getting your assignments finished - if you know what you have to do by a certain date you're more likely to stay on track.


Most of all don't panic: you can do it and you will do it. You just need to pace yourself and be realistic about what you can do!


And if all else fails come on here and tell us how awful it is - we'll be here to listen! :o



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oh bless you it is overwheming to start with - but worth it . I felt just the same doing my FD then the same doing BA hons and now doing my EYPS, just keep going and you will start to enjoy it honest :o

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your first assignment has had to be in quick (I thought I was rushed).

What was your assignment you had to hand in?

Hey Scarlettangel we left school in the same year :( does that make us old :o

I feel as panicky as you so that makes me feel better that were all trying to fit things in and do the degree course as well.

last week I told my tutor I needed her to look at my reflective summary of my journal,as if I was doing it wrong id rather know now than in a few months.

Its hard after not studying for a long time to know if were on the right track.

keep it up scarlettangel and everything will come together and after your lecturing has finished you have lots of time xD


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Thanks everyone.


I need to get a bit of perspective on the course as a whole I think!!


Mindyou reading that someone has already handed in an essay makes my heart miss a beat or too........ trying not to panic about that though!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not sure about the group work, and reports etc but the play essays have to be in by January......... but it seems the lessons we are having are informing us re info to go into those essays and I wonder about the wisdom in starting writing now.


I wanted to get on top of things during half term but I suppose we will see how it goes and what info we have been given by then.


What I also feel down about is that I thought I knew alot of stuff.......... 25 years + experience and I have children of my own and right now I feel like I know NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also feel bad that for the very first time EVER my husband and my children and I are away for New Year (6 days) and this adds into that panic too.............. otherwise I might feel that I had time over the seasonal break to finish work off.


Ah well.


Today is another day..........


Better get off here and get ready for work.


Again thank you for answering my little panic moment! :o

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Hold on in there scarletangel, i know exactly how you are feeling... i'm on year 2 with a presntation and assignment all due week after half term, i'm also away half term week so have been frantically trying to complete before we go away... it is hard work i'm not going to say it's easy.. i also manage a pre-school and have a family of my own... it is a juggling act.... i just focus on the end of the year.. i'm now saying to myself ..."Roll on June as this is the end of the 2nd year" it's only 8 months away..... just keep plodding on... i will admit i'm only skimming with my reading, and reading certain chapters as i just don't have the time.... good luck with it......

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Hi Scarlettangel


Best advice I have come across is don't panic, once you get into the flow of things suddenly an essay comes together. Then you wonder how you managed it! :o


My first assignment for year 3 part time, has to be handed in 9 weeks on Friday plus I am off up to Scotland at half term. I need to start thinking about putting it together however, I know it will be in before the deadline as I know how many weeks it takes to put together a 2500 word essay. xD


I don't know why but I feel that I have the easiest year yet, only got 3 modules, EYFS 1 assigment to be handed in 9 weeks time. Practitoner reseach proposal in February and the last 3 in May next year. But I am hoping to have the pracitioner research disseration done by Easter.




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Child development - physical growth. An overview in 750 words.


I can now make sense of the centile charts in my daughter's health record book - pity she's nearly 14 :o


Think we were given it early as we were all nervous about "back to school" and our tutor felt this will give us a chance to see where we're at and hopefully boost our confidence xD


I'll let you know if it's worked when I get my marks!



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Hi Scarlettangel...


I too did my NNEB way back and am now in the second year of BA.


With work, family and Maths GCSE (yuck!!) on the go, I regularly feel as though things are getting out of control...


But I agree with Maz's earlier comments about timetabling. I never was a very organised person and at first, trended to start a bit of something and then move on to something else. Needless to say - nothing got done, in the studying or at home!


But I have learnt to take one step at a time and give myself small goals to work towards. From my experience, I now have a 'rough' outline of times for studying and chores.


Just keep telling yourself that if so many others can do it, then, with time so will you.


Just don't expect everything to work perfectly all at once!


Chin up!

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