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OK, I've got agreement for a level 2 deputy with agency staff covering in my absence until my deputy gains her level 3.


what about lunch breaks though? I would really like to continue to have a lunch break each day and leave the building (but stay on the school grounds where we are based) for 20 minutes per day. does anyone else do this and leave a working towards level 3 in charge? i would be on the end of my mobile and it would take me less than 1 minute to return to the pre-school if needed. this is no longer than if I was in the loo at the pre-school.


any advice? I'm guessing Ofsted's response will be negative!!



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any advice?

I would love the luxury of a lunch break - let alone one out of the building! xD That said, I think it is really important not only for you to have your lunch, but also to have time away from the children.


Do a risk assessment - think of all the terrible things that could happen when you're out of the building and explore what the staff would do in the minute that it would take you to get back. If you really are only a minute away, then I honestly don't know what Ofsted could complain about. I don't know what sort of setting you're in - but it would take me longer than that to extricate myself from our store cupboard if I was in there looking for something (or if I was changing a child's nappy or any of the other tasks I find myself doing at that time of the day).


Are you confident that your deputy has all the skills she needs to manage whilst you're absent? Obviously - otherwise you wouldn't contemplate leaving her in charge! So do your risk assessment, put it in your file and go and have your lunch break.


Do you have to let Ofsted know about your lunchtime cover? Are you due an inspection iminently? :o


Good luck - let us know how things go!



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