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Can anyone direct me please to articles re parent partnerships?


Thank you.

Hi, just done parent partnership course last night. We were directed to the cd rom that comes with your eyfs pack. If you lokk on positive relationship section it lists down right hand side further reading. Also google PEAL and this should come up with more info. Please let me know if this doesn't and I'll hunt out proper website.

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hi sorry to ask but i was thinking of EYFS and partnership working...

want to start a news letter say 4 a year but i dont have power point

and not sure how to set it out ill have a look around the forum


if some1 can help that would be gr8


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If you're just looking for newsletter ideas, I'd just google nursery newsletter and lots of ideas should come up. I did this when I started my newsletter.


Personally I just used text boxes in word but I know lots of places just do a letter type format. I think as long as you make it look interesting with lots of pictures and info of what is going on and how to get parents involved that should do the trick.

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If I was a childminder I would use a newsletter or something similar to keep parents up to date with what was going on.


Just keep it simple, bright and cheerful. I'm sure it will be really appreciated.

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Scarlet Angel there's an article in the October edition of Practical Pre-School by Debbie Garvey called 'parents as partners' which I have not yet read. However they list resources as


The EYFS - there's the cards on parent partnership


Every Child Matters


KEEP Key elements of effective practice (2005) DfES


Whalley M (Ed) Training Pack and video Involving parents in their children's learning (2007) Pen Green Publications


PEAL Parents Early Years and Learning www.peal.org.uk


Whalley M Working with parents 1997 Hodder and Stoughton London#



Is that any help?

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