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I have joined an agency and they have some potential work lined up for me but when they phoned my previous employer for a reference she hung up


Can she chose not to give me one?


I worked my socks off while there and when I handed my notice in there seemed to be no problems. However, two days later I recieved a letter telling me not to bother going back. I was gutted and still am upset that she did this to me. Now she is refusing to give me a refence or at least will take her time in sending it out


Any advice please!!!!!!

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This is a really difficult one and so unfair it seems.


Are there any other references you could get? Tutor, Early years advisor (can they give them?), other 'professional' who could give a character reference?


The employer is in a difficult situation because Ofsted requires that references are taken up. Maybe you could phone Ofsted and put the query to them as to what you could do, it is them that require the references. Any complaints against you would be on their records so that issue can be cleared up straight away, ask them if they can put in writing that your record with them is clear.


Could it be that your last employer doesn't like to give phone references, I would ask for a written request and never give information over the phone.


Do you think you are able to contact your last employer? (I think I know the answer to this question)


Doesn't help you but I would recommend that anyone leaving a setting asks to have an 'exit form' completed, including a reference comment, the exit form should include date started, date finished etc, (see attached). I always used to keep a copy and use it to send out when asked for a reference. :o


I hope you get this sorted and gain employment soon.




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I think the short answer is that you are not under any obligation to provide a reference for an ex-employee.


However I do think you have a right to know why she is behaving this way towards you: if you have upset her so badly that she feels justified in her actions then she should at least give you the opportunity to make amends. However her conduct towards the agency sounds very unprofessional, so it doesn't sound like she's willing to discuss it with you.


That said, sometimes you need to be brave and ask the question - it is difficult to ignore a direct question when asked and a well-managed conflict resolution session may well identify what has gone wrong and go some way to building bridges between you. She may well be feeling aggrieved over something she has perceived but has her facts wrong - but you won't know until you ask.


I can appreciate that this might be difficult since there seems to be hurt on both sides - but is there a third party you both trust who could intercede to find out what has gone wrong?


In the meantime and for the purposes of your job search, I'd take Peggy's advice and try to find someone else who can give you a meaningful reference instead.


Good luck.



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The agency does have two other references but they are only my recent employers and felt that as the nursery one was for two years then it would be a good reference to have.


I have only been qualified two years and so don't have a great deal of references. The agency was asking her to send a written one to them.


I thought she was very rude.


I am not they only one who she has forced to give 4 weeks notice, even though they have had no contract and been there over 1 year, they have given her the 4 weeks and then she has phoned them the next day and told them not to bother coming back. She is lossing staff right left and centre


Going to contact Ofsted as they recieved one of her back in june to see what it says


I have always been up front and honest with my empolyers about what happened as I have nothing to hide

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Could you get the Deputy to write a reference?


Some people don't seem to be able to cope with the fact that life moves on and sometimes that means that you have to seek challenges elsewhere.


What an awkward situation for you SazzJ I hope it resolves itself.

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