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This weeks nursery world has an article outlining the way Ofsted are going to be carrying out inspections from next year. These inspections will take into account Birth to three, the national standards and the education of 3-4 year olds. We take children from 2 and a half and so havent really looked at the BTTF, much less planned to it.

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Rea, you're in a playgroup, aren't you? I'm in a Day Nursery, so things are a bit different, but worked in a PG for years, so aware of how you function.


My DN has implemented BTTM, but I'm not happy with the way they've done it. As I'm in the Pre-school unit, even though I'm a senior, with responsibilities for staff training and development as well as curriculum development, my opinions don't seem to matter!

BTTM short term planning is done on a sheet almost identical to that of PS, the only difference being that the 'components' replace the SS or ELG, so it's very much a 'curriculum' for the under-3s, which seems to me to be in direct contradiction to the guidance being given in publications such as NW and the government. What does anyone else think? :o

I understand that the Nursery are keen to be seen to be taking new initiatives on board, particularly in the light of our recent excellent Ofsted Report, but I feel rather uncomfortable about the whole situation! I'm hoping to do some training on BTTM in the new wave of training sessions locally, to perhaps redevelop these planning sheets.


In the meantime, will be very interested in what you all have to say!


Sue :D

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