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anyne else suffer from headaches/migraines??


ive always suffered from the odd headache now and again but more recenlty they have become more often and sometimes more severe, i generally get a headache atleast everyday, sometimes they fade after taking paimkillers other times they become more severe and i have to sleep it off.


I dont know whats triggering them, strong smells and flavours can set them off so i try to avoid these, or at least after eating i try to get rid of the taste.


when in work i do get dehydrated sometimes but have tried to drink plenty throughout the day, i drink water mostly but have about 3-4 cups of tea in a day


i thought stress could be causing them- recenlty have moved house and renovating it while living there, and have not been enjoying my work as much- but have been off work this week and have had time to rest and do nothing- have still been getting dull headaches everyday and this morning work up with a dreadful migraine- nausea, senstive to light and sound just awful and has took me most of the day to get over.


have been to the doctors about this about 6months ago, had blood tests but all clear, basically said its nothing physical but offered no other help or explanation- useless!


anyone else suffer from headaches? apart from painkillers what do you do?


its really getting me down having headache all the time.

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Sorry to hear about your headaches Northernbird......they can really take over your life can't they.


Can you see your doctor again........is there a test for migranes to see if this is what it is?


Not being funny here but do you need your eyes tested? My sister discovered she had very bad eye strain which gave her headaches and when she sorted her eyes out the headaches went. Just a thought!


As you mentioned, stress can be a trigger too. Yoga, meditation and some relaxing exercies could help you there.


I'm sure someone else will come up with more ideas to help you.


Hope you get it sorted soon....let us know! :o

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I was recommended to have a try by a friend to go to a Chiropractor .. initially for a back problem .. ..but I used to have regular headaches .. sleep them off kind...not really migraine but more than a painkiller could cure... but since being to him I have not had one headache in 18 months! He asks every time any headaches and had told me that neck problems can give headaches.. so I now have regular manipulation to free joints in back and neck which really does help me..only downside is the cost really.. I know it does not work for everyone.. but for me it is worth every penny spent.





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I used to get loads of headaches. They were sinusy/migrainey would start off one day would suffer through that day then the next day, then the following day I would wake up with a headache and then it would gradually go away as the day passed.


I still occasionally get them but I definitely find they are stress related and now have back pain as my muscles get so tense in my back that I am on anti inflammotories to reduce the pain.


When I went to the doctor about the headaches I was just told it was stress, to try and relax but that doesn't really help does it!!!!


Definitely go back to the Dr's as you shouldn't have headaches every day. Do you get a chance to do something relaxing something completely for you? I used to find pilates was some help.

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Personal I know, but do you take the Pill for birth control? :o


I had bad migrains for a while and the doc said it was because I had been on the same 'pill' for so long. He changed me to another sort and I haven't had one since (migrain that is!)!


Worth checking!


Oh don't we love what comes with being a woman!!! xD:(

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yes am on the pill, have been on same one for 4 years so maybe worth asking,


had eye test n no probs there.


will try find somehting relaxing, i dont really get time to do things for myself so might look at joining a yoga class.


may use the neck/back thing as excuse to get partner to give massages :o hehe!!!


thanks for the replies xxx

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Hi Nothernbird,


I suffered from quite bad headaches everday & most of the night for 3 or 4 months about a year back now, and the doctor said it was probably stress related. They gave me various medications to try and control the headaches, so maybe this could be an option for you?


In the end I left sixth form and went to work instead, but I still had the headaches for a while after I left. So that could be why you still had the headaches even after a week of !


Hope it works out - I know just how you're feeling !


Mrs Weasley.x

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My migraines are triggered through tiredness, sinuses and ear infections. Beconase helps me. It's sometimes hard to define whether a migraine or headache, the only way I can tell (before nausea from migraine sets in) is that if paracetamol or Ibrubrofen doesn't work within 30 mins, then I take a migraleve, this normally sorts it out (thankfully).


Hope you find a cure, they can be so dibilitating (spl)



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Hi Northernbird

I too get a lot of headaches and every month I get Migraine. If you have been told it is migraine your doctor should have offered a strong 'one off' tablet like Imigran and if all the headaches together are causing problems in your 'normal' day to day life, then maybe even a preventative treatment....there are several to choose from...just a case of finding one that works for you!

You really need to re visit the doctor until you get some kind off help.

My doctor suggested the Migraine Trust website as a good sources of information....and I have found it very useful.....although when I suggested that I think I may have migraine linked to my hormonal cycle (I am in menopause.....a womans life is great :( ), she said there wasn't much she could do :(


Any way you can book an appointment with this particular clinic....and pay a donation...it might be worth a thought or two if all else fails.


I find Nurofen plus works quite well for me.....but I try to use them sparingly as too many can............CAUSE HEADACHES :oxD:(


Best of luck with it all



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