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sorry i know planning is a big issue with EYFS.

Ive just started a PGCE and we had a (very short) session on planning in foundation.


we were given a theme (which would come from med term planning), asked to come up with loads of activities, and then say which area of the room they would go in. e.g. writing area, sand etc


Then at the end of the session the tutor said 'then at the end of all this you would look at the children and see how you could fit them into what you are planning' (or something like that)


Now, to me this felt wrong.....to be doing a theme in this way anyway, and to then fit the children into what i (or team) wanted to do activity wise!


please can someone affirm my thoughts, i though that we were supposed take learning from the children and follow their learning choices?


Can someone tell me (if you dont do it in this way) how you plan during planning sessions in a team.


I just want to be sure that im doing it right when i go into school!


lucie x

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Lucie I've moved your post into Observation, Assessment and Planning and you may get more replies.

We should be planning based on the children's interests and our observations of the children. Having said that there is nothing wrong in then looking at the possible lines of development of a theme which arises from their interests. You would also wish to be able to indentify what they are learning, and where this fits in with the developmental matters. If you type planning into the forum search you will find that this is a reoccurring discussion.

We have an area in resources where there are some topic ideas. I would also be interested to hear peoples viewpoints on this, and whether topic ideas as possible lines of development, are being used or valuable.

I'm sure other members will be along soon with lots of ideas and guidance.

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Has this tutor any recent work based knowledge do you think????!!!!!!


Many people have been planning using their children as the starting point for a long time, and those who haven't are surely giving it a go now the EYFS is with us!!


I am no expert (on anything!!) but I find it infuriating when you are given info from someone who SHOULD know what they are talking about and it turns out not to be the right thing to tell you!!!!!!!!


I think you are right.


For sure.

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