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I am putting together an induction pack/procedure for new staff at our setting (a creche based in a Children's Centre) (this is for one of my EYPS tasks) and wondered whether anyone had any advice on what it should contain?


I think it should really include all the policies and procedures together with some additional information about the setting, but that will involve such a huge wad of paper that may be offputting and not all staff may not wish to keep a copy at home. Perhaps I should ask new staff to read though the policies and then return them one by one as they have read them (perhaps signing to say they have read them and/or asking any questions at this stage)? Or perhaps just the most important policies eg health and safety should be given in the induction pack, and other policies should be discussed/borrowed at a later date?


I would be grateful for any ideas.

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Hello Starburst and welcome to the Forum!


I give my staff a Staff Handbook which contains all the policies and procedures. I felt it was really important that they had their own copy so they could scrawl all over it and really get to grips with the documents and what they mean. It contains all the 'task descriptions' which outline what you need to do when preparing snack, organising outdoor play etc so it is the reference point for any queries about how things are done, etc.


I have also just introduced a staff induction booklet which is based on the CWDC's induction standards (albeit somewhat tweaked for our setting) which we will all complete as a staff team through a variety of activities/meetings/trainings etc. This covers such things as anti-discriminatory practice, how the individual fits into the team and in turn how that team works in partnership with others, attachment theory and how it affects behaviour, relationships etc. Its a pretty comprehensive document but I'm hoping it will really strengthen each practitioner's understanding of the moral, ethical and legal foundations of their work.


Sorry, I could waffle for England: not sure how useful it is though!



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We have an induction sheet and both the member of staff and I sign it to say that the member of staff has read and understood the contents. It is important the understood bit is there, as they could just say they've read it - you think they know what they are doing and they tell you they didn't understand it. We ask the staff to look at all the policies. We are introducing a handbook too, but for the time being they get to see the policies. I check that they know where the first aid box is, who the first aiders are, the fire drill procedure and that they've experienced one, they understand the risk assessments and identify any hazards - mats sticking up, fire doors kept clear at all times etc, the H&S poster has be read and understood, manual lifting info has been passed on and understood, food hygiene understood (we prepare a basic snack), that all the necessary paperwork has been handed in by them - for crb checks etc.


You could go on for ever - but they are the basics and as long as you've got the member of staff to sign to say they understan everything - you should be OK.


hope this helps



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That is fantastic advice thank you very much HappyMaz, Alisond and Wolfie :o .


I think you are right HappyMaz it will be best if staff can have a set of the documents to keep at home as a source of reference, and I like the idea of including task descriptions. I also like your idea of having a 'tweeked' CWDC induction booklet as well (I love the idea of all working through it at staff meetings) but the problem is that we don't have any time outside being with the children and preparing/tidying up (we get 15mins for this) so we couldn't do this unless we ask staff to come in more an unpaid voluntary basis - which doesn't seem fair. Perhaps I will try try and incorporate something from this in the pack instead and press for a paid extra half an hour on their first day for a meeting to go though some main issues.


Alisond I like your idea as well of a sheet for signing off to check everything have been covered and understood.


I will get to work - and will let you know how I get on in a month or two!

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