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Actually I am a old old member pensioner even!! but still employed! Now a temporary deputy of a preschool,started as a volunteer when I first moved to this area,used to be a manager of a preschool for 16 years!Used to be Oldtimer!

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Welcome back Oldtimer! Glad to see you are still putting all those years of experience to good use. :o


Andrea, Oldtimer was her user name a few years back which is how we know her. Occasionally people register on the site but don't keep up their subscriptions for various reasons. Then re-register under a different name when they return.

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sorry to ask but do you all know each other as in same town,?

and also why has almost half the ppl on ere changed their names?

just askin xxx



We all know each other as fellow addictee's of the forum, location: national and internationsl xD

Regular readers / posters become familiar with the names of other regular users.


Change of user name as Beau describes, the 'plus side' of the forum is that we are all anonymous (well the majority), this does enale 'free speech' compared to if our true identities were known. I think especially more so since the creation of the LA subscription scheme.

Mind you there are exceptions, my name is my true identity. And sometimes I do think some members change their user name just to confuse ( or re-invent themselves), eh Maz :o:(




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And sometimes I do think some members change their user name just to confuse ( or re-invent themselves), eh Maz :o:(

Yes Peggy - I think I might not renew my subscription this time. I think I'll take out a new subscription under a different name and then see if anyone can spot me. :(


For anyone locally it would be easy to recognise me on here because of my user name, so I do have to be careful what (and especialy who!) I talk about on here. I changed my username because I couldn't work out how to renew an old subscription (probably because I wanted it done THERE AND THEN and wouldn't have wanted to wait for a reply to an email! And because I went back to my maiden name, my former username wasn't really accurate!


Of course now I know I could have just asked Steve to change my username for me, but then I've learned a lot since then. xD


Andrea08: I have only met hali in the flesh (we studied together and our groups are in the same town) - although we would have met anyway, it was the Forum that linked us first. I think friendships here are easy to build because we have a common passion and interest, and because of the time those of us without lives seem to spend on here! Marathon events such as children in need or the FSF birthday threads also help to link together those of us who can't resist a challenge (or who are too stubborn to give up when another half an hour or 50 more posts would break a record)! And then there are lovely people on here who are always available to give their time, encouragement and knowledge in support of another member who may be in need of a bit of a lift - and so the Forum becomes a 'home from home' where we're always accepted and valued for what we are. Its the knowledge that whatever is going on in our lives we can share it here and receive instant feedback which helps us celebrate our triumphs, comisserate over our worries and usually find solutions to the problems we face that makes the contacts we forge here so strong.


And so I should stop before getting too sentimental - and before the theme song from Cheers gets embedded in my brain - "you wanna be where you can see your troubles are all the same: you wanna be where everybody knows your name!"


I guess I was too late then! :(



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i wonder if i have joind one very big family, as you move from post to post helping people like myself.


so i would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all us newbies,,, to say


THANK YOU to you all


and hope that i too am some help to some1


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i wonder if i have joind one very big family

Yes, you have.


But we won't turn up on Christmas Day with mis-shapen jumpers that we knitted ourselves. Nor will we harp on about our theory that you were our parents' favourite. We won't even ask to borrow a tenner til pay day! :o

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:o It is lovely to be back and to see a lot of familiar names!!

Moved to East Sussex(love it!) and did a couple of days nannying and then did one day at a preschool for love and was soon asked to work! Have had a couple of short contracts and always asked back(always have a couple of months in the sun !)Now back as temporary deputy,there is much to learn as things change!! Love working in a preschool ,hoping to go on as many courses as I can!

The only sad aspect of this is that quite a few of the people that I have met on this site have left their preschool and changed jobs,sad.

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