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hi every1,


ok my question is this,,,


a childminded child broke my laptop a few years ago and i claimed on my house insurance,


but its happened again and i dont want to go through my insurance so i got a

realy good deal at my local PC Shop £400 inc printer and desk anyway ,,,


can i put the £400 through my books as an expence as i use it to chat on ere and do my work lol


thank you Andrea x

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I'm sure you'd be able to claim it as a childminding expense. Perhaps call your local Network co-ordinator or the NCMA helpline to double check!


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I put my new one through expences after all i have to have it to print off all the paperwork and as you say use the forum and surf the net for ideas for activities etc. I have also started letting the children use it supervised as its all part of the EYFS they need to develop ICT skills.

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