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OXFORDSHIRE: We are going to have an OFSTED visit next week and my head has asked if I could put together some data from FSU profile results. He has show me a letter from DEC 2005 from JF and a sheet giving guidance - so far so good. For attainment, the sheet suggests I log % of girls/boys acheiving 104 and 78, plus autumn, spring and summer % - this I can do! Then Im confused with the part for progress. It says - Overall progress - % making more than expected progress (expected by whom - me? a national expectation?) Then percentage of F1 children making 2 or more steps of progress (stepping stones steps?). I am feeling abit frazzed at the moment so maybe it's something I should know and am just having one of those moments. Can anyone put me right please??? :o

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Hi lindybeegee, a warm welcome to the forum. :(


Thanks for your first post, I am not from school but coincidentally enough I was reading


THIS (click on link) this afternoon in the articles section of the forum, although it's about EYFS, What lies beneath? The second paragraph may help your query as it explains assessment requirements for EYFSP, and there are some example graphs too about the points adding to 78 :o


I may be totally wrong and apologies if I am, but it's a really good article anyway, by Adam Horvath. :(xD


I am also sure someone else more knowledgable will be along soon



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