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Cleft Palate Advice Please


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Hi all

I am getting a little boy in sept. 4 years old who has a cleft palate. Any advice on speech and language help that I could offer. He does see a speech therapist and specialist with whom I will be liaising, but I'd like some ideas before hand if possible.

Thank you x

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The cleft lip and Palate association have a useful website

Doh! I don't know how many times I've turned the pages of this week's Nursery World and not linked the "Unique Child" article about cleft lip/palate to this message!


This is a really interesting article giving background information as well as a case study of one parent's experience of finding out her daughter had a cleft ("here's the deformed one, as you know" was how her daugher was presented to her! :o ).


The weblink that narnia gave was given, as well as a book called First Place by Kate Gaynor (published by Special Stories Publishing) designed to help young children's understanding of the speech and language effects of cleft lip and palate.


Might be of help.



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Gosh what a dreadful way to be told! When my daughter was born she had a cleft lip. The midwife was fantastic and the consultant paediatrician came from the children's hospital to see me the next day. I was really well supported and fortunately she didn't have a cleft palate as well.

I think that each child is different and their speech and language delay or problem with speech sounds will be individual to them. If there is a problem. The most important thing is the liaison with the team supporting the child and working with their suggestions.

One of my friends had a son with cleft lip and palate, and it also affected his nose and a little of his hearing. He fitted in very easily at school, just one of the gang. He had many operations and when very young was sometimes difficult to understand. He is a strapping man now and his speech is absolutely fine.

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