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I'm Getting Confused!


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  • 2 weeks later...

This is what I know:


The FSP is now called EYFSP

The only changes to scale points is in LSL and they were adjusted last year

The 3 scales for maths remain unchanged , although we will refer to them as the scales for PSRN, their individaul aspects are unchanged

The eprofile was updated to reflect the changes to the 2 points in LSL last year and is still freely available from the suffolk website as they develop it and update accordingly

The arrangements for EYFSP should still be shared through the ARA document which will go directly to schools, other settings can order or download from NAA, usually by christmas.

Hard copies of the optional booklet are no longer available

All children who turn 5 by the end of that academic year regardless of setting/grants or term of birth etc will have to be reported on in relation to EYFSP

The handbook has been sent - 2 per school- already to maintained settings

Copies for PVI settings who will report on children at the end of this year have been ordered by your LA team for distribution, again 2 per setting. (We couldn't get for everyone and had to give the names of the settings who will have children to report on)




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I, too, am very confused. Having retired 18 months ago, I am not now up on the new foundation stage curriculum. However, having read an article in the Sunday Times today, I would like to know if it has changed very much. The article was very scathing saying that all 4 year olds were to be tested on 69 targets when they should be learning through play. The highest targets they quoted were just the same as the old point 9 on the profile which only the highest achievers attained. So, I presume Early Years Education hasn't changed - perhaps someone could enlighten me - confused of Dorset!!!!!! :oxD

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Hi everyone,


Please can someone tell me if we are still using e profile in september for reception?


Thank you


Yep we are under the EYFS however there wont be apaper copy for assessment to write on we all going electronic!!!!!!!!!


Would have been nice of the powers that be to let us know all this in the summer term so we could have got our Q's answered ready for the new school year

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For those in LAs where there is support for using the eyeProfile you should have been provided with information about how to access the new version of the software, or whether an alternative method is to be used to undertake the recording of achievements in the Foundation Stage.


If you still haven't got it then it can be downloaded from http://schoolsportal.suffolkcc.gov.uk/schools/FSP/




John R

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