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I wandered into my Early Learning Centre today looking for knights and princesses for my castle hoping they would be in the sale...anyway the ladies were putting out Christmas stuff...Oh no I said its way too early.

'everything is a £1' were magic words'its last years stock'

glitter packs rrp £5 x5

christmas labels/stickers £3x5

make your own crackers £5 x4

DVD £5 CD £5

Hole punchers

I went to the till with my goodies and the ladies shouted that they were opening the EASTER box!!!I nearly fainted with shock!

I bought 4 packs of Easter egg hunt(£8 each) but £1 each


well I tallied it all up when I got home I spent £23 it should have cost £145

I may go back tomorrow and buy for friends.


Take a look or ask at your ELC they may be doing the same.



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This has prompted me to tell you something from the other day. As a treat we went to Asda together, my DOH and I. We live life in the fast lane, you know!


Anyway I spotted some children's books for a pound each:-


That's Love - Sam Williams and Mique Moriuchi

Love is a Handful of Honey - Giles Andreae and Vanessa Cabban

Where the Fairies Fly - Jane Simmons

Daisy to the Rescue - Jane Simmons


Each had a retail price of £4.99 or £5.99 so I got £23 worth of books for £4!


Love it! At these prices I don't mind so much when they get chewed in the first week of term!



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