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Hi all,


I am a new member to fsf and I am so pleased with the information I have already down loaded from everone. I am opening up a new nursery in September within a school for children aged 2-5 years. I have never been a nursery manager before, so I am finding it all a bit scary. Does anyone have a parent information pack that I could download with the new adjustments for early years starting in Sept. I would be most grateful.



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Welcome to the Forum!


Can't help with the information pack I'm afraid - perhaps a good place to start would be to decide what you want parents to know about your setting, and start from there?



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I have done an information flyer on the EYFS but it is not a pack just a simple flyer that focuses on the EYFS if that is any good!


Thank you that would be a great place to start thanks Belle !

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Hi Morag,

Thanks for making your first post, and welcome to the forum. Exciting times for you ahead! :o

Our pack included:

* Information about our ethos, the importance we placed on music and movement (my favourite area of the curriculum!), and opening hours, etc.

* Our long term aims, based on the six areas of learning. Basically, what we wanted the children to have access to during their time with us, eg

"the children will be introduced to and enjoy listening to an increasingly demanding and interesting range of books, rhymes and stories", etc

* Settling in procedures, what to wear, arrival and departure routines, a list of policies and information about where they are kept if full access if required

*Equal ops/inclusion policy


Hope this starts you off. I'm sure other members will add their advice, too. xD

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