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Hi everyone just updating our policies and wondered what everyone else has got ? we have got 38 policies and procedures (many thanks to people on here where I have downloaded looked at and tweaked them to fit us) 2 that I would love to have a look at would be bereavment and LAC children. Has anyone got them I have found 2 from local authority school sites but they are a bit official or big for pre-school.

reading my post it looks like I am a policy freak it does feel that way these days dont you think? When I started off in this game we hardly had any now I feel that we have to be so careful and have a policy for breathing etc though I think I could do with one on how to deal with children who produce lots of bodily fluids snot being the one I still cant cope with after trillions of years in childcare.

any help advice or policies most appreciated.


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as a foster carer, some of the things to include in a LAC policy could be;


confidentiality - need to know basis, fostered children hate to be thought of as 'different'


safe care - Photographs which may indicate whereabouts.


safe care- against allegations, some LAC have experienced adult sexualised behaviour, they may read body language different to other children, they may display sexualised behaviour / language, they may misinterpret hugs, and be wary of affection.


inclusion - ie: group photo's LAC can't be included in prints that go out to all parents, see if you can arrange for 2 prints to be taken one with LAchild in, one without, then the LAC can have a copy.


assumptions - don't assume that LAC are in care due to sexual abuse, other reasons are neglect, domestic violence, physical abuse, emotional abuse, abandonment and a combination of all or some of these. Some children may be in care due to being orphaned.

Don't assume that Foster carers are 'suitable' I have had an occasion when I had to report one after finding a slap mark on a child. They are as any other parent, working in difficult circumstance 24/7, no excuse, but need support and help sometimes ( as was the case with the child protection issue I reported)


other agencies - build up good communication will all other agencies / professionals involved with the child


Meetings - LAC have a PEP (personal education plan) meeting every 6 months, a LAC review every year ( more frequently if in short term placement) - be prepared to have someone who knows the child well to attend these meetings, to be a voice on behalf of the child and share their progress and needs. Also need to write reports for these meetings.


Behaviour - some behaviours may appear to be innapropriatte, which they are, but they are almost certainly learnt behaviour, bad role models and survival tehniques. Some of the ones I have come across are;


Poor eating habits, gorging food, not aware of appetite messages, never appears to be full ( possibly due to not knowing when the next meal is coming). Food can also be used for comfort. May have experienced poor nutrition.

Poor eye contact - fear, avoidance, low self esteem.....

selective listening - if experienced bad external experiences ie:arguing etc, leans to 'block out' what's going on around them.

insecurity - displayed in many different ways.

over confidence - ie: will talk to anyone,(also affects safe care) arrives at preschool 'confidently' - this can be a sign of little or no bonding as a baby, or having to have dealt with many changes / environments in a short life, so actually indicates lack of sense of security.

Attention seeking - negative and positive, sometimes finds positive behaviour difficult to accept.


Educational needs

May have been understimulated thus behind cognitively, but able to catch up quite quickly once in a secure home, so will see leaps and bounds in progress.

May have learning difficulties due to emotional or medical reasons.


Child Protection

May make disclosures, memories appear at the oddest times, but often when child feels secure with persons around them, settled relaxed environment. Staff need to be ready for recording such disclosures and know the procedures for following them up. Including telling Foster Parent and Social Worker.


This list is not conlusive, every Local Authority has a LAC Officer, contact them (even before you have a LAChild in your setting) and I am sure they will provide example policies and any advice required.



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