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Not sure if this is in the right place but I wondered if anyone else has had a suitable person interview with Ofsted and what it entailed. They have rang me today to come tomorrow. I was told it will be a two hour interview similar to an inspection! I have to answer questions on the five outcomes and show id,employment history. Any advice appreciated.



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I have recently done this, I passed (sorry I forgot to let you all know). What she did was read out the 5 outcomes, look at the last OFSTED report and ask if we still do this, what equipment we have etc.


You will be fine its not as scary as you may think it is.


Good Luck




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Lots of us have been through this and I believe there are lots of threads on it, maybe do a forum search to see what people have said in the past.

For me the experience was good, I was asked about standards and policies and procedures, basically they are checking you know your stuff. You will be fine I am sure- the Ofsted lady I had was really nice.

Good luck!!

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I've had one of these, it wasn't so bad (easy to say now, but I wasn't looking forward to it!)


Mrs O asked to see our operational plan and asked questions such as 'how do you adhere to this standard' 'What would you do if...' (relating to another standard.)


I had plenty of time to reply as she would offer prompts etc if I looked totally stumped and she was typing up all the answers on her laptop as we went along.


Try not to worry, she said it WASN'T an inspection.


I passed and hope you do too!



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I agree with what the others have said, abijac!


I had my suitable persons interview on my first day in my job as Supervisor - so I was terrified. However she did ask me questions in lots of different ways if I wasn't giving her the right answers the first time and lots of 'what would you do if' or 'how do you handle' questions too.


This was five years ago so I'm not sure what they'll ask these days - but I'm sure the focus of the interview won't have changed - which is to demonstrate what you know and how capable you are.


I'm sure you'll be fine!



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I had mine in 2006 - still waiting for the bit of paper saying I passed! Very nervewracking but as soon as you get into it, I found I was fine and you know it all even if you don't realise it. Good luck!

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Guest Wolfie

Nothing else to add to what others have said, just wanted to wish you good luck - I'm sure you'll be fine! Let us know how it goes! :o

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I had mine a couple of weeks ago and I was scared beforehand, but needn't have been, there was nothing scary and they're not trying to catch you out! Good luck!

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