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Hi all,


I'm starting to make a singing sack... items that represent songs in a sack for the children to choose,, then all sing that song,


So far ideas are;


Spider- incy wincy spider

Bus- wheels on the bus

Animals- Old McDonald

Star- twinkle twinkle

Rabbit- hop little bunny

Doll- miss polly had a dolly


Has anyone else got any suggestions??


Many thanks! :o



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Fish - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Frog - five little speckled frogs

teapot - I'm a little....

salt dough currant bun - five currant buns in the baker's shop

toy monkey - five little monkeys bouncing on the bed...


Running out of steam now!

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boat....row row row your boat

star.....twinkle twinkle

sheep.....baa baa, mary had a little lamb, old mac's farm

worm...there's a worm at the bottom of the garden

humpty dumpty.......

mouse...hickory dickory

toy hammer.....peter plays with one hammer

teddy bear......teddy bear turn around


Brain freeze......will look to see what else we have and make a list

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In our song bag this week:


Sun for "The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray"


Pink Sheep - sung to bar bar black sheep


"bar bar pink sheep, have you any spots, yes sir, yes sir, lots and lots, some on my fingers, some on my toes, and some on the end of my very big nose"


Aerosplane for "I'm the captain of the aeroplane"


also adapted Wheels on the Bus to "animals on the tractor" Dot :o

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aliens or flying saucer.. 5 little men

scarecrow.. dingle dangle

crocodile.. Im a greedy crocodile or monkeys in a tree..

Owl... wide eyed owl

Penguin.. Im a little penguin




our sack is so full we have two....


Children also come up with their own ideas too...



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I can see this getting very big!!


I have more than one sack for this reason-a number rhyme sack, a nursery rhyme sack and then topic sacks .The number rhyme one is the most popular with the children.

sausage, bun tray, alien, duck, monkey, elephant, ice-cream and more

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One of our family support workers is keen to make some singing sacks for our children's centre - I'll pass all of these great ideas on to her. Thanks



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Hi what a good idea we dont have any sacks. Think i might start doing number ones for my performance management starting this october. Thanks what a great idea. x :o

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