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Hi, am hoping someone might be able to help me. I was on a EYSFS course today where it was mentioned that there has been a national pilot scheme where pen pictures are used to make judgements on which stage a child is on at a particular time in each area of learning. The sugestion seems to be to do one on entry and then 5 others throughout the year. My LEA seems keen to use this so would love to hear from anyone involved in the pilot or doing something similar. All comments positive and negative would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, sarah

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Sounds like a report to me, Susan! :o





Maz is on the right lines xD , a pen picture is a series of observations on a particular child to write up a report which is normally for outside agencies. I did a child case study and has part of the assessment I had to do this pen picture of 4 observations on PILES, then I had to put in theory before writing up the reccomendations for the future.


Hi and welcome to Sarah.





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