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More Structure In The Day?


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Hi all,


I'm an 'about to qualify' (hopefully) EYP and working in a large Private Day Nursery. I've just returned into the Pre-school age group, having worked down all the other age rooms since starting our in PS in September last year. The room leader is out of the room a fair bit at present working on new plans for the EYFS - this is causing disruption and they don't seem to function very well without her leadership -staff and children go into chaos mode!

She's very aware of this upheaval and has asked me for my thoughts including trying to revise the daily routine

(see attachment) to be a bit more structured. Go back to this for a time to help the room to 'settle down' was her suggestion! I have started by thinking about each key worker taking their children - would be about 6-8 children to each 'area' in the pre-school: maths area, writing area, book corner etc and 'teaching' them almost how to use that area so they begin to feel more ownership and the area is better 'looked after' as at present there is lots of breakages and damage occuring.


Any thoughts about how to structure this structuring?? LOL?? :o






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sorry cant seem to open it :o


It took a while when I clicked on it like anyone reading would - but did open

Anyway I'll cut and paste it as well then:


They don't follow this much ANYWAY at present -


Pre-School’s Daily Routine

7.45 welcome parents and children


8.15 Breakfast

9.00 Outside/optional

9.30 ‘Hello’ song/circle time

9.45 Free flow/playtime

Activity based learning

Snack time

11.00 Physical time

Parachute/ring games/dancing etc.

11.20 Grass time/ games

12.00 story time

12.30 Lunch time

1.00 Outside play

1.45 Circle time

2.00 Free flow

Activity based learning

Snack time


3.30 Story time/ talk time

3.45 Free play

4.30 Tea time

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Hi lucie


I don't feel qualified to answer your query (but I'm loving your confidence about EYP!) xD


You might want to upload a copy of your schedule in an older version of Word so that as many people as possible will be able to open it though!




(note to self: must not get distracted whilst answering threads!) :o

Edited by HappyMaz
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Here's the download in a compatable with older word version.


Thanks for anyone's suggestions. I consider anyone qualified to offer a suggestion - like a big brainstorm- but appreciate we all have our own stuff to sort out too!


Maz am not confident - it's all a big act! LOL!!!


Cheers guys


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Hi - I wonder if you routine is interupting the children in their play a little, you could just have free flow all moring, and have circle time just before lunch, and free flow again all afternoon and story just before going home - all other activities can still go on, but not necessary stopping all of them if they are busy playing - only just an idea though Loll, why not experiment this week and just observe how the children react to small changes. We have stopped having a get togethe first thing in the morning and we have found that the morning runs better - Dot :o

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Yes, I agree with dot there. Could you also have a rolling snack, so children can access it when they want, rather than have their play interrupted.


I would tentatively suggest there may be TOO much structure, which may prevent children really engaging in their play?


Just a thought,


Sue (Now I really must get on with coursework!)

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They do have rolling snack - between the times on the routine..9.45 and 11 and 2pm and 3.30 but like I said in all other respects they don't follow it much and it IS very much free play with some 'opt-in' activities on offer. I think that there's perhaps too much choice so the children just flit and never engage like you mention Sue. I've not got the authority to experiment, sadly but I will be making my suggestions for what it's worth.

Thanks for your ideas.

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What sort of activities do you have out? They may be insufficiently stimulating or not in line with children's interests... can they self-select at all? Sorry!! I sound like I'm suggesting you're rubbish, - just trying to get a feel for your provision.


Sorry to have misunderstood about the snack! :o

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