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Hi all,

Hope this message finds you all in good health.

I am asking/begging for some help and advice regarding an interview for a wonderful job this Friday :o

I have been asked to do a five minute presentation on 'steps to developing a high quality neighbourhood nursery' EASY i hear you all shout, which is what i thought when i sat down to prepare the thing. So why oh why has my brain decided to walk out on me now? I honestly can't think of many things to put down at all, in my present job i was heavily involved with the planning an development of the nursery and had great ideas, WHERE ARE THEY NOW??


Your help would be greatly appreciated as I really like the sound of this job.

Thank you in anticipation





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Hi Cal -

I spotted your post last night, but was hoping someone else would have something more direct to offer you - however, hoping this might give you some inspiration:


There's another topic which links to a general Foundation Stage presentation. It's not a 'Steps to Developing' presentation, but there's quite a lot of general information about why the concepts of play are important in the Foundation Stage, Special Educational Needs provision, and so on.


You might find it worth reading through to see if you can adapt some of it to show how implementing the Foundation Stage ideals in a nursery will in itself lead to a high quality nursery?


Hope it helps - you can find the topic and link here. :)


It would also be interesting to know if this is to develop a new neighbourhood nursery or if you are taking over the development of an existing one?


Hope it goes well for you too - you do like to work to tight deadlines don't you? :D

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hi Cal & welcome

I too spotted this last night but unfortunately can only wish you well as this is beyond my experience or at least my brain is also playing slow down.

I do hope that you will have sorted your presentation and that you will have a successful day tomorrow. Good luck.

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:) Thanks both, the link was useful thank you, I really wish I wasn't working to such a tight deadline but I only received the phone call yesterday, and now they are telling me that there are OHP's and powerpoint to use if I want to, :o aaaggghhh xD I was just thinking of reading out what I had written and have prepared some handouts as support.

Oh well I tried!


Thanks again, will let you know how I get on.



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Good Luck,

Don't worry about the ohp and powerpoint, reading will be fine and show the real you!

I would do lots about the link with the parents and how importnat it is that you all work as a partnership.

Let us know how you do!

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