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I Was Proposed To Today...


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Conversation at snack time went like this with L who is 4:


Me: Does anyone mind if I have a bit of cheese?

L: I don't mind!

(Pause while I munch)

L: Do you want to know why I don't mind?

Me: OK....... :(

L: Because I love you!

Me: (blushing slightly) aww that's lovely L xD

L: (looking very thoughtful) In fact...I love you soooo much I want to marry you!

Me: Well, if I wasn't married already I'd take you up on the offer! :o


L: Well, you could get a divorce!!!!


Bless him...bearing in mind this child drives me nuts most of the time....after that it was ..well, if you don't behave I can't marry you!!!! hehee I'm wicked!

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Well, how rotten can a girl be!! :o


You are going to HAVE to marry him when he behaves.........


pause for thought.... you could do the whole thing in the pre-school - make the invitations, decorations, confetti, cake, outfits....just THINK of the learning outcomes.........


Only kidding, but what a great project!


Sue xD:(


PS - moocher can be chief bridesmaid!

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Oh Sue that is so funny!!! I'm sure Moocher would love that!!! And you're not far off thinking like me with learning outcomes!!! Do you think we should get lives away from our jobs, do you think?!!!!

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I saw the name of the topic and immediatly imagined a diamond and a bended knee.

It can make you feel just as good though cant it when its a different type of 'darling'. :o

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:o ahh thats lovely


Whilst were on things that kids say We had a one that make us laugh yesterday!!

Whilst siiting at circle time discussing with the children fruits and vegetables I noticed a child sitting with her hands in her knickers!!. "Don't do that C I said (I thought it was said quiet enough not to be heard by anyone else) to which a boy replied "thats ok I always have my hand down my pants "

OK then now lets listen to what ---- has to say(talking about a member of staff who was still trying to discuss healthy eating with the children). J still carried on stating that "Daddie says its a man thing and every body does it"

What Could I say as all the children started laughing "ok now lets all calm down and listen to which another 4yr old replied "ladies have boobies and men have dinkles""

I wonder what next steps of learning they require!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Emmawill, next steps of learning....your story reminds me of the time when we were larning about parts of the body and I insisted (as the boss) that we give/teach the children the correct names for certain body parts, caused a rumpus with staff and parents, but that's another topic. :(


chicken licken, Love the 'proposal' but a bit sad that you have to divorce your hubby to placate a 4 yr old. :o as a reward for good behaviour, now that would be taking work a bit too seriously. :(xD



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