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I-can Communication Cookbook


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I've just had my update email from ICAN and they've published a 'Communication Cookbook' with activities to promote children's language, communication and writing skills. There are also online activities and games to play and download. The book itself is published in July and each primary school can get one free copy. Copies for parens and families will be available at a later date.


Here's the link for you to order your copy (I'm not sure if a pre-school can order one but I haven't got time to have a good look and find out!


Will be interested to know if anyone orders it and what its like when they get it!



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I've just registered on this website and ordered a copy of the book.

The information on what my role is in the 'school' was not a required field to answer, so I didn't. (I'm pre-school). My order was duly accepted and hopefully will be delivered in July. Let you know if it doesn't!!


Thanks for the heads up Maz! It looks like a good site. :o

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