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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a nice poem that I could use as part of a leaving gift to our children who are going to school? I wanted to put it with a picture of the group of leavers and then laminate it. Any ideas? :)

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we use the following poem, with a handprint either side, on A3 paper and a photo of the child in the middle. these are also laiminated. our logo os in the bottom corners aswell, as the date


Sometimes i might upset you

just because i am small

by leaving fingerprints of mine

on tables, chairs or wall

But every day i grow a bit

and i'll be big one day

when all my tiny fingerprints

have long been cleaned away

So keep these prints of my two hands

to help you to recall

just how big my fingers were

that time when i was small!


we have been doing them for years and years, it is tradition now!!!!

hope it hepls :DxD:(:):o

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That's a nice one Cybertwin -


We've got a similar one where the children put prints of their feet on each side of the poems in landscape format, and then laminate the page. It's given from the child to the parents:


These feet of mine

will slowly tread

the path of my life

What lies ahead?

But the steps that I take

are hesitant still

and the choices I make

need your help to fulfill

As I leave (name of nursery)

Be with me when

I start at my school

I'll still need you then

I'll leave behind happy times

and walk towards more

with you right beside me

guiding me sure

So come down this path

and whatever the weather

there'll be two sets of footsteps

as we walk it together.

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Thank you for your ideas. I decided to try Steve's idea about writing your own poem. My 14 year old daughter wrote me one last night and I'm really pleased with it! :)

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