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No Correlation Between Profile Scores And S.a.t.s


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Can any kind person direct me to any official website where this has been outlined. I need to show a 'from the horses mouth' version of this to my head, as there is pressure from K.S.1 staff to mark down my children and to have some children as below average on entry. There is no way they are below average on entry to F.S. The inspector has suggested there must be an issue in K.S .1 using my profile data to predict SAT results and saying the SAT results should be better. I have been moderated and in fact urged to mark 1 child up! though I stood my ground.


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This from NAA FSP report 2006:


"Some LAs and commercial companies have produced materials that attempt


to equate FSP scale points to national curriculum (NC) sub-levels and use


FSP data as a crude numerical predictor for attainment in NC key stage 1


assessments. Any equation of FSP scales or scale point scores to NC levels


or invented sub-levels is a spurious and ultimately inaccurate exercise. There


is currently no reliable numerical correlation between attainment in FSP and


NC key stage 1 assessments. Use of data generated by the FSP relies on


fully understanding the relationship between all 13 scales and how this is


used to support the next steps in children’s learning within a broad and


balanced curriculum. NAA strongly discourages the use of such materials and


continues to promote the use of Continuing the learning journey to support


effective understanding and use of FSP data."

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Thank you Catma and Marion, just what I want and I am printing the whole report off now and will give it to my head with the pertinent comments highlighted. I have had to give predictions of scores for end of profile, and I actually said pick a number, any number will do!!!! She said all the other staff had to set targets-make predictions and so should I

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She said all the other staff had to set targets-make predictions and so should I

Go girl! Stick up for yourself and what you believe in. Especially now you have the evidence to back up your knowledge! :o


Do let us know what happens next, won't you?

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