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I'm sure I've seen a recommendation somewhere for a book on Observing in Foundation Stage - there will be 6 people in our team next year and we need some sort of continuity (right word?) to our observations.


Hope someone can help.


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I found the book 'Observing and Assessing for the Foundation Stage Profile' to be handy. Some nice ideas and some guidance for both Nursery and Reception. It's by Vicky Hutchin ISBN 0-340-81212-5 and it was about £15.99. Bought mine from Amazon.


D xxx



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Hi Magenta -

Sagarbabes is right, the Vicky Hutchin book is excellent. You can find a review of it in our books page (Under Resources in the navigation menu on the left).


Presumably you've looked at our article on Observation, Assessment and Recording as well? You might find some of the template documents useful.


Steve. :)

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very good book and i used it when I was training to be a NN. But I must say when I did my PGCE, observations were not done in any detail and i relied on my NN background to get me therough. I find that NN are good at observations as they do it for 2 years on the course and have the expereince of using different types of observations. We teachers seem to focus more on the teaching side rather than the holidstic chidl development. This si a good book

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