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Hi, I am just updating our registration form and have put in extra parts to comply with EYFS such as ethnicty (sp?) and asking parents to state the name of any other setting attending but the bit I am having trouble with is the wording of 'parental responsibility' We have never had this on our forms before just 'mothers name' etc I am sure there was a previous thread on this, but if anyone could help, I would be most grateful.


Thank you



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My form asks after the section of 'main carer' and 'other carer' (or whatever the titles are - it is late!) "Does anyone else have parental responsibility for the child?"


I added this after a potentially nasty situation when a parent I knew nothing about got in touch about his child!



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We have a section that we give the parents the option of filling in that asks if they are single parents if there is another partner. what name do they know the other partner as, if there are other children in the family. we put before it that it is an option to fill in and that it saves us having to ask awkward questions and the parents having to give explanations. most parents fill it in and don't worry.

We do ask for the child's biological father's name and if its on the birth certificate.

Its easier to fill in aform than it is to explain face to face with a stranger your family situation, as I am finding out with my son!!!! When you explain things to people you put in the embarassment factor!!!! which you don't do in black and white :(:oxD

the more you can find out helps the child, as long as you give the parent the option of not filling it in. Obviously you need certain parts to be compulsory.

I actually had a mum the other day who is married and didn't know what to put in all the boxes bless her as she said her family was normal and couldn't fill in all the questions.

Bless her I did feel for her as she felt that she was strange to be married and have 2.4 children and a dog!!!!!!!

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I am to updating our forms, for the ethnicity section I cheated & copied the listing on our new funding sheets which require us to record the child's ethnic background. I also am struggling with the parental responsibility section.

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we are again updating our forms and though it may be useful to someone if they need inspiration


we have updated this with everything the LEA have said must be on there as well as some things we like to know but are not a MUST.


Our ethnicity come from the Children's Information form provided by LEA which we have to verify and send in. We just add a note on the form when checking it


It just seems to get longer and longer.. we also have a parental agreement which goes with this!


Please let me know if any MUST is missing!




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